/1. If I was your electric papagalaki, noise-improv-laptops duo w/ Dimitris Mitropoulos. Festival Lycavittou, May 2021; Communitism, October 2019. Photo by Stefania Mizara.
/2. Excerpt from allocthon╬┐ score (2021), commissioned by the Greek National Opera for ‘Miniatures for Revolution’. Composition for flute, ney, yayli tambur, classical kemenche, oud, percussions and electronics, to be released.
/3. 4. CTM 2020 MusicMakers Hacklab final performance. Radialsystem, Berlin, February 2020. Live visuals, violin, laptop and DIY electronics. The prepared violin was tuned in dissonant double strings, based on maqam modalities, and augmented with synth and live sampling elements. Textures and noises were feeding visuals based on liminal Arabic calligraphy. (w/ Mohamed Gaber, Klemens Kohlweis, Ivan Nikolic). Photos by Eunice Maurice & Udo Siegfriedt / CTM 2020.
/5. Chase. Sound/light installation with contact microphones, SuperCollider and robotic moving lights. Romantso, Athens, June 2019 . Visitors were invited to critically approach their aural movement in space, diffusing sound and light perception. (w/ Dimitris Mitropoulos, Anna Mouzaki, Anastasis Prifits, Efi Stouri). Photo by Danai Simou.
/6. Field recordings compilation, presented at Romantso, Athens. 3-part live performance with location/field recordings made in the streets of Athens, at Platy train station and during the carnival ritual of Naousa. Photo taken in Gerani, Athens and the Zurich Zoo. Ubique showcase, June 2019.
/7. Solo improvisation w/ violin, SuperCollider and VCV Rack. Live at Chimeres.space, Athens. November 2019.
/8. Love waves, kinetic installation for decode fablab. Servo motors and Arduino. Saristra festival, Kefalonia, August 2019.
/9. Prototype, sound kinetic installation for Tom Calvert (Redinho). Bells, contacts microphones, accelerometer and Arduino. LUDD makerspace, Athens, December 2018.
/10. Graphic score for bass clarinet, yayli tanbur, guitar, 3 violins and VCV Rack. Musical Yards, Ikaria, July 2019.