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  • Free improv sets + surround orchestra of ghost otherness

    Free improv sets + surround orchestra of ghost otherness.15 musicians coming from different backgrounds and currently based in Athens convene for an improvisation evening. Mohammed Allabdalli, dafSeray Yalcin, oudBecka Wolfe, violinSofia Zafeiriou, violin, live electronicsAlexandra Balandina, percussionsCid Carmo, tarhu, violinSavvas Koudounas, lyra, violinStathis Koutouzos, percussionsHarris Lambrakis, neyPanagiota Xydi, neyMartha Papadogianni, celloStavros Papakyritsis, oudKristin Sifroniou, pianoGiannis…

  • KRAMA entries at Movement Radio

    Guest mix at KRAMA entries radio show on Movement Radio. During the past year, I accidentally became a cassette collector, at the bazaars of Slemani in Iraqi Kurdistan, Tirana, Diyarbakir, Mardin and Elaionas. This is a mix of ethnographic recordings, oral epics, electromagnetic remnants of Aegean storms, percussive rituals, as well as code snippets of…

  • Psywayrd (AU), Sofia Zafeiriou (GR) live at KET

    Psywayrd (AU), Sofia Zafeiriou (GR) live at KET – TV Control Centre.

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