Free improv sets + surround orchestra of ghost otherness

Free improv sets + surround orchestra of ghost otherness.
15 musicians coming from different backgrounds and currently based in Athens convene for an improvisation evening.

Mohammed Allabdalli, daf
Seray Yalcin, oud
Becka Wolfe, violin
Sofia Zafeiriou, violin, live electronics
Alexandra Balandina, percussions
Cid Carmo, tarhu, violin
Savvas Koudounas, lyra, violin
Stathis Koutouzos, percussions
Harris Lambrakis, ney
Panagiota Xydi, ney
Martha Papadogianni, cello
Stavros Papakyritsis, oud
Kristin Sifroniou, piano
Giannis Tikof, double bass
Efi Psiachoulia, kora

Ον Οff Studio






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